How can I contact the Origin team?

Whether or not our office is open, there's a few ways you can get in touch with the Origin team...

  1. Schedule online 
    You can schedule in-office appointments, virtual care, and online classes from our online scheduling platform. Click here to check it out! And give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.

  2. Give our office a call: (213)-550-3879
    Calling our office is the best way to troubleshoot a complicated issue, or ask involved questions. You can also schedule, or cancel appointments over the phone! If we are unavailable when you call, please be sure to leave a message so we can call you back.

  3. Shoot us an email: 
    Emailing our front desk team is an easy way to send documents, ask quick questions, or request resources and records. Please note that we do not offer scheduling services over email 
  4. Send us a fax: (310)479-2329
    If your doctor needs to fax over a prescription, or your insurance provider wants to send documentation, please feel free to provide our fax number. Documents can also be sent to 

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