What is an evaluation?

The first appointment in every patient's journey is their evaluation. Your evaluation is all about evaluating where you are, and what brought you to PT. 

Your evaluation is a full hour with your physical therapist. Together, you will...

  • Talk about your symptoms and concerns 
  • Conduct a physical assessment to help identify what's going 
  • Co-create a care plan that addresses whatever you need most

At the end of your evaluation, your PT will give you a recommendation for how often they think you need to be seen (either virtually or in-person). If you are being seen for in-office care, you can schedule appointments with the front desk on your way out. If you are being seen virtually, click here to schedule follow-up visits. 

Within 48 hours of your evaluation, you will also receive your home exercise program. Your program will contain exercises and stretches specifically tailored to your diagnosis. You'll complete these exercises as instructed to continue making progress in-between appointments. 

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