How much does this cost?


The cost of your treatment will depend on whether you're going through insurance, or paying out of pocket for your care. Read on for more information 


If you're going through insurance, the cost of your appointments will depend on your physical therapy benefits. If you have a deductible that applies to physical therapy, each appointment will cost between $75 and $150 until your deductible is met. 

If you have met your deductible, or if your deductible does not apply to physical therapy, you may only be responsible for a copay or coinsurance, usually between $10 and $40. 

We’ll need to verify your insurance benefits before we’re able to let you know the exact cost of your sessions. If you’d like to know your benefits before scheduling, call your insurance provider and ask what your "physical therapy benefits" are. They will be able to break down the cost of your treatment, specific to your plan. 


If you are not going through insurance, our cash rate is $150 for an in-office evaluation and $100 for each in-office follow up. After your first appointment you’ll also receive a home exercise program that will include exercises and stretches specifically designed for your diagnosis. This way you'll still be able to make progress between appointments. 

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